The PSC-5000 is an innovative clamp system that energizes & holds the primary seal in place. It allows surface applied pressure to be exerted on the cement in the annulus through the casing bowl vent outlet.

With average wellsite costs of approximately $1000.00 per hour, Southern Pressure Tester's, using the PSC- 5000, eliminates non productive rig time. This results in immediate and substantial cost reduction per well drilled, as the rig is free to move off the well shortly after plug down.

Benefits to holding pressure with Wellhead Red's PSC-5000 include:

- Minimizes costly remedial treatments

- Cement bond under pressure is a proven procedure

- Casing slips can be installed with desired tension while cement is in solution

- Pressures and volumes can be recorded

- Preventing gas migration addresses safety & environmental issues

- Good cementing practices and holding pressure can eliminate micro annulus gas releases.

"With the rising cost of producing oil & gas, non-productive rig time can be eliminated."

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